Hello! You’re most likely interested in the showreel. It parked below this block of text. If you’ve got 71 seconds to spare, I encourage you to watch.

My name is Eric Konon. I am a motion graphics animator/designer who lives and works in New York City. I specialize in After Effects, Cinema 4D and design, in that order. I was staff for three years and I’ve been freelancing for about seven. That’s a long time.

The selected work sections showcase specific jobs that I had a large role in creating. If you’re looking to see if I’ve got a particular skill, the selected work section is a good place to start. (Alternatively, you can email me. I’m pretty good at responding! Usually.)

The independent work section is a just a grab bag of small things I’ve made in my free time. Have a look and get to know the man behind the .org.