My role:

Animation (camera, lines) compositing

Special Tools: CS Tools for Cinema 4D

Produced at Click 3X

The brief was to take a series of photo illustrations from a sales brochure and build it into an animation for Gazprom’s iPad presentation app. A maya artist modeled the initial six line-drawing models. Aren't they beautiful? I imported the models into C4D to animate and composite the full piece. 

We understood early on that the client wanted the entire spot to be composed of one continuous camera movement. It took a bit of work, but I did manage to keep the camera orbiting, sweeping and drifting continuously on the way to its destination. That said, I'd still be animating the camera move right at this very moment if it wasn't for CS Tools, a set of helper scripts for Cinema 4D. They’re wonderful and free and can be found here

Produced at Click 3X