My Role:

3D Compositing, Animation

Produced at Loyal Kaspar

I worked on the 3D and compositing for a series of Screenvision spots to be shown on movie screens before the previews, when moviegoers are finding good seats and making popcorn runs. This is one of my earliest jobs working in Cinema 4D. Simple geometry allowed me to focus on getting the compositing juuust right. We received the robot as a fully-rigged C4D model, but there was still a learning curve in making the robo-hand move in a convincing way.

Produced at Loyal Kaspar

This was my first experience with character 3D character animation. It's quite a departure from animating in After Effects!

I built, rendered and composited the background for this series, but it's the robot that steals the show. He was animated by Valere Amirault.